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Our firm started out in a small office on Granville and St. Albans in Richmond with Benjamin Leung working as the sole employee. Throughout the years, business has expanded, and in 1992, we moved to our current location on No. 3 Road, across from Superstore and in the heart of Richmond. Within few minutes' walking distance to local shopping malls such as Aberdeen Centre, Lansdowne Mall, and Parker Place, we are conveniently located. We renovated our office in October 2015 to give a fresh new look. 


Managing Director


Benjamin Leung, CPA, CGA, CFP, AICPA

 ben@ben-cpa.com | 604-273-8385 ext. 115

Our Managing Partner, Benjamin Leung, has been practicing for more than 25 years. Mr. Leung immigrated from Hong Kong in 1989, and obtained his CGA in 1990. Mr. Leung gradually expanded over the years and has overseen the development of Vancouver, and the economic changes brought forth. In 2000, Mr. Leung obtained his CFP designation, which has enabled him to help his clients with extensive financial planning in all areas. In 2002, Mr. Leung obtained his CPA (Certified Public Accountant) designation in the United States, giving him knowledge of U.S. tax. Starting out as a sole practitioner, Mr. Leung has grown his firm to more than 10 employees in Richmond, BC. Our clients recognize Mr. Leung for his experience and attitude as well as his strong ethic. In his spare time, Mr. Leung enjoys golfing and badminton as well as spending time with family. 




Our Team


The rest of our team consists of a variety of professionals with expertise in corporate tax, personal income tax, payroll, and non-resident tax.


Amy Chan | amy@ben-cpa.com | 604-273-8385 ext. 101


Shirley Lau shirley@ben-cpa.com | 604-273-8385 ext. 102


Peter Lo peter@ben-cpa.com | 604-273-8385 ext. 103


Carol Lin carol@ben-cpa.com | 604-273-8385 ext. 105


Anthony Leung | anthony@ben-cpa.com | 604-273-8385 ext. 106


Shirley Chen | liming@ben-cpa.com | 604-273-8385 ext. 107


Jia Hao Huang jiahao@ben-cpa.com | 604-273-8385 ext. 108


Gary Zhang gary@ben-cpa.com | 604-273-8385 ext. 109


Minnie Chung minnie@ben-cpa.com | 604-273-8385 ext. 110


Elizabeth Fung | elizabeth@ben-cpa.com | 604-273-8385 ext. 104



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